Why We Should All Read Poetry

Over the years in a world that does not stand still, poetry has lost relevance. It has gone from being a historical tool for cunningly and creatively converting discourses, to being reduced to the “clichéd love quotes on Valentine’s Day”  by many.

TEDxVienna 2021: Speaker LINEUP (Part 3/3)

We are only one week away from the big event. Our team has worked very hard to bring you a wonderful and interesting day! Are you ready? This year’s in-person event will bring together a group of 18 expert thinkers and doers

Opportunity Costs in a Modern Lifestyle

Can we disconnect ourselves for a moment and live in the real world without checking our electronic devices? The practice of this simple exercise could bring us more than we might think.  Every action we take in our daily lives usually brings

Unlocking the Power of Sleeping

One year before finishing school, I started editing videos. It started to become a passion of mine; I would refuse to go to bed before finishing my short films. I started messing up my sleeping schedule, and it slowly converted into my