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Welcome to the TEDxVienna Online Magazine!  We are happy to see you here! 
Our team of talented writers, editors, and proofreaders is dedicated to creating interesting content, for the intellectually curious who are eager to learn more about the ever-changing world around them. Get to know us better and stay up to date with our inspiring articles, beyond the ideas of TEDx.

Sarah Guvi

Online Magazine Team Lead

Sarah is a writer, editor, and team lead for the TEDxVienna Online Magazine. She studied Linguistics and when she isn’t writing, she enjoys running, traveling to new places, and sipping on red wine.

Juxhina Malaj

Online Magazine Co-Team Lead

Juxhina is a writer, editor, and Co-Team Lead for the TEDxVienna Online Magazine. She is currently finishing her Master’s degree in Communication Science at the University of Vienna. When not engaged in research, she likes to oil paint, read, and discover Vienna’s hidden gems.

Pia Bansagi


Pia is a writer currently based in Melbourne, Australia. She has just completed her Masters of Global Studies from the University of Vienna and works in education policy. She enjoys interesting cultural and food histories, collecting more books than she can read, and tea.

Valentina Bonilla


Valentina is a Colombian cinemaphile currently studying journalism at the University of Vienna. She is eager to learn about other cultures and actively promotes social change. Besides writing, she loves to paint, sketch, read and visit museums.

Anna Werner


Anna is a proofreader who is currently finishing her Master’s degree in International Business. She enjoys climbing , swimming, and loves to go on coffee dates.

Andrada Bocea


Ada is an English and American Studies student at the University of Vienna. She takes great pleasure in writing about topics such as climate change, sustainability, and social matters. She loves the quiet rustic life and likes to dance the days away.

Leen De Marez

Writer & Editor

Leen is a writer, editor, and future speech therapist who holds a BA in English Linguistics. She firmly believes in social change, extraterrestrials, and the use of the Oxford comma.

Olena Levitina

Writer & Editor

Olena is a writer and editor from Ukraine. She is currently finishing her Master of Arts in journalism and communication science at the University of Vienna. Besides writing and reading, Lena is passionate about history, art, and different cultures. She dreams of getting some decent sleep hopefully sometime soon.

Julia Zmölnig

Writer & Proofreader

Julia loves traveling, interesting stories, and spending time with family and friends. She holds a bachelor’s degree in media management and a master’s degree in communication management.

Josephine Walluschnig


Josephine is a writer, and if she isn’t napping, you’ll find her reading a thriller, hunting down the next go-to restaurant in Vienna, or trying out a new hobby, like bouldering! She’s also trying to figure out if Sloths or Alpacas are her favorite animal.

Ipek Yilmaz


İpek studies English at the University of Vienna. She trains karate and is a co-instructor at her local club. Next to reading, she loves trying out new recipes, watching films, and dancing in front of the mirror (while lip syncing of course).

Pauline Bellmann

Writer & Proofreader

Pauline is a writer and proofreader who is currently studying in the Anglophone Literatures and Cultures master’s program at the University of Vienna. She is a big fan of old-timey crime shows, trying new recipes, and yoga.

Monika Abramczuk


Monika is an editor, she studied biotechnology and molecular biology. In her freetime, she loves to travel, read or watch crime novels/series, and you’ll usually find her with a cup of hot tea in hand.


Header Image by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash