TEDxVienna 2022: Speaker Line-up ON THE RISE – Part 1

There are two kinds of people: the ones who love to be surprised (hello, early bird ticket owners) and the ones who cannot wait for secrets, gifts, or in our case, the incredible speaker lineup of this year’s conference to

Entering the Era of AI

‘‘We’re already cyborgs… your phone and your computer are an extension of you’’. These words surely send shivers through your body as you start

A Short History of the Trade of Plastic Waste

The trade of goods and services has dominated world economies for centuries. Yet what happens when institutional power initiates and controls an unequal distribution of materials? The export of plastic waste to low-income countries has become a reality along with the concern for plastic waste management when the leaders of the World Bank found it sensible to ‘‘correct an inefficient

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Turning to Forests for Help

Amazonian forest, Australian vegetated coasts, Californian hills, Canadian forested areas, and African