Poetry of War – An Interview With Oksana Maksymchuk: Part 2

Learn about the dangers of poetry, the lessons from collaboration, and the role of Ukrainian poets in this second part of our two-part interview with acclaimed poet, translator, and scholar Oksana Maksymchuk. For part 1, click here. This interview was

Entering the Era of AI

‘‘We’re already cyborgs… your phone and your computer are an extension of you’’. These words surely send shivers through your body as you start

CSR and the Future of Business


Jeff Bezos recently made headlines for forking out $5.5B USD to spend four minutes in Space. For someone whose name is synonymous with the word ‘Amazon‘, a company whose ‘annual revenue continues to outpace the GDP of many countries’ and has come under fire for its questionable working conditions, tax evasion, and a list of other claims, it comes as

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Turning to Forests for Help

Amazonian forest, Australian vegetated coasts, Californian hills, Canadian forested areas, and African