“We don’t read and write poetry because it’s cute. We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race. And the human race is filled with passion. And medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for. “ -Robin Williams

Happy World Poetry Day.



by the author.


From the first minute of our existence, we have already been filled with magic.

We are made of stardust, we have components that connect us to the beginning of the universe,

We are astronauts on planet earth.

Admiring the clouds dancing in perfect harmony with the wind,

Getting dazzled by the books that hide verses that speak of our history.

We live in the magic on this planet,

Breathing in the pollen of the new flowers, and seeing the beautiful works of light reflected in the waters.

We walk through the streets that transport us, clouding our hearts and souls with flashbacks,

Like a tornado absorbs and turns over the trunk of memories.

We are those space navigators creating works of art that are built in the despair of the grey and dark moments, stranded in the distance.

Running towards the clusters of galaxies,

Towards those people who shine brighter than the sun without knowing.

We flee from the fierceness of sadness and without saying a word and with hundreds of crystals in our throats, we still laugh as if the world would collide with a rain of happiness to appease the soul.

Discovering the meteors that, by chance or by accident, fall in the middle of our lives, changing the course of the days and become eternal springs with warm temperatures that overflow the soul and heart after harsh and cold winters.

Traveling within the great nebulae until we find the star that illuminates our return home, letting it shine on its own.

We plunge in direct spirals into revolutionary confrontations in front of the mirror, fighting our demons until we love them.

We are astronauts traveling through this giant universe, with one eye on the small microscope that focuses on the insignificant, the essential that seems invisible, and the other eye placed on the telescope, on the giant lens that expands life and shows us the small things that open up before us.

These are the things that make this world one of the greatest utopias. The very secret of what lies behind the simplicity that opens the way to a turbulent and magical world.

A world made of stories, stories that drive us to run behind the horizon, stories that bring us closer to the distant, and create possibilities because there are no impossibilities but created by cowards.

They bring us closer to the ephemeral moments that make things happen and change our lives. 

Taking us to the unexpected, to a cumulus of beings with an incomparable luminosity and when you approach them they turn on your soul.

They lead us to kisses full of passion that move and ruffle every scheme of being,

To thousands of trains waiting to leave with hundreds of passengers full of doubts, anguish, happiness, and uncertainty.

We live surrounded by this reality, 

The reality of synonyms of love and magic,

Eternal storms that wake us up, drive us crazy and make us fight, reviving the senses, and attention,

Precise seconds that lead to the final step of all cycles and new beginnings, to the magical circle of all paths that confuse you, make you stagger and lose your balance to regain stability.


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